Saturday, March 1, 2008

George Bush attacks Washington insiders

Bonus points if you can guess which presidential candidate he's going to accuse of using Washington double-talk.

Post post (the next day)

There's an interesting dengre* Diary alleging that McCain is “managing” a mountain of Jack Abramoff documents, partly as payback against George Bush and company and partly as a sword over their heads.

True or not, that's one explanation for the disconnect between the first statements on the video and the last. It could also be politics as usual for Bush Jr. He's not running against John McCain this time around.

* dengre disclaimer: Before you flame me, the link does not mean I buy into all of his conclusions and pet theories. I particularly don't like misplaced personal attacks on people I know who he's never met. He does his homework and links to good facts, so I visit fairly often. That's why his link is handy on my main page. I can draw my own conclusions.

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