Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jesus shoots Santa

I stayed away from the Jesus shoots Santa story when it came out. People get so upset over things like that and... well, you know... it was Christmas.

I did like the added touch of Rudolph being laid out over the hood of the pickup truck.

Still, I'd put it aside and meant to drop the link. Just a chuckle in passing, like a Danish cartoon about the Prophet.

Yep, a Somali reportedly tried to take an axe to cartoonist Kurt Westergaard for his 2005 drawing of Mohammed with a bomb where his turban should be. As a proud secular whatever-you-want-to-add, I thought it was mildly funny. I also thought Muslim reaction showed a scary level of intolerance and ignorance.

I can deal with religious differences, but not the fundamental, foreign attitude that you can tell me what to print.

In the article, 'authorities' cite the obligatory 'ties to Al Qaeda'. Oh? Is this another battle in the War on Terror? What a Red Herring.

As a society, we need to stop thinking in slogans and ponder the much larger problem of a religion whose adherents condone or 'understand' murder. That is the battle we are facing for the foreseeable future.

The standard disclaimer applies: of course, not all Muslims...

If you're interested, here's some video of the Christmas tableau:


Wendy said...

"Art is in the eyes of the beholder" but this display seems to have been set up just to be controversial. I wouldn't appreciate having it in my neighborhood, but it is his right to have his own display. Still it is in poor taste and is especially not appropriate for the children.

Some neighbors didn't like our holiday display either. Bright pink LED lights, light-up pink flamingos with leis, a tropical dressed Santa and a movable alligator with Santa hat. My grandchildren loved it. Imagine if they saw the Jesus shoots Santa display!

I don't care if it rains or freezes said...

Mine just says "Bah Humbug" in neon. Not very original, yet I've yet to see another.

A for whether a particular christmas display is reasonable, we must first determine just whose jesus we are talking about. The my Jesus is better than your Jesus battle has been raging since the first jesus freaks split off from the originals and shows no signs of abatement. Each has a different view - all are right apparently.

Let's let anybody display whatever they want to on their own property and on their own dime. You want me to pay for it using taxpayer funds or by placing it on taxpayer paid properties? HAR DEE HAR. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Santa has a plastic Jesus sitting on the dashboard of his sleigh

and you'd better not show Mohammed shooting Santa