Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another shrubbery?

Short takes I've been too busy to mention:

Masseuses are worried about their reputation? Umm, I don't think it's because of The Incident.

We're shocked to learn that even student visas can be abused.

Fitial vetoes bill on re-computation of retirement benefits. Score one for the Governor. The legislature strikes again: it's been common for some guy who retired as a mechanic or tradesman to come back in a high-paying political job so he can use those years in computing benefits.

The line-item veto of gimmes like the fishing derby wasn't bad either. Too bad boat launching in Laulau Bay sailed through. Liability? What? That's not our problem. Okay, it's easier to launch boats for emergencies on that side of the island. Nice to know, since there will be more boats there. I like my fish poached. Better get busy on that environmental impact statement, too.

Residents complain about street problems, the Marianas Variety says. I've been wondering... when I drive through the older villages at night it seems a lot of lights are out. Burnout or turnout? Or is it just me? (I was searching for night views circa 2005 to compare with a current image-- this is all I could come up with.)

Their search engine is a mess, or I'd link to the Variety's story saying most of the people in line for umbrella permits were holding... umbrellas. Now I understand the name.

I usually stay away from this one, but cockfighting has been getting its share of news. Hey, maybe we could televise the fights to all of the states where it's illegal. I was going to ask the mayoral candidates what they thought about cockfighting, but I didn't want to put Angelo on the spot.

Zoning Administrator Victor Barrett resigned. No big deal, until I read later that he might have had an "island experience". Say what? That honey got some racist flies buzzing in both directions in the Variety's Comments. Surprise, surprise Gomer, a letter from Rep. Stanley T. McG Torres too. Which is funnier, his letter or the comments in response?

I'm reminded of the Knight who said ne:

And some free advice:
There are some remedies worse than the disease. -- Publilius Syrus


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Let the cocks fight

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Is the
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