Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Up in the air

I'd tip my hat, if I wore one, to Saipan Tribune reporter Moneth Deposa for yesterday's Air Saipan owner denies allegations of 'fake' deals.

The CNMI has seen enough fly-by-night airlines* to justify a little caution. I even had the unworthy suspicion that, like the Air Saipan proposal before the last election, it would never get off of the ground.

The Tribune ran across the site, or were contacted by someone connected with the site, since it references their articles. It is chock-full of anecdotal aspersions on Mr. Mills character. They asked Mr. Mills about them-- standard practice I know, but often more honored in the breach than the observance here.

Reasonably enough, in his email response, Mills asked "Is there any evidence of these reports such as proof of warrants and other comments?" in Scottsdale, Arizona registered the domain name with That, and the website IP, tell you exactly nothing. We don't know who is making these accusations.

Mills signals he might, with the comments "Many of these rumors were sent by people who don't understand that business sometimes doesn't work despite the best efforts of those concerned. Sometimes it is better to close a business.than to run at a deficit."

Sounds like his ex-partners in Air Andaman to me. There's little else on the internet, and I pecked about a bit using the countries mentioned as key words.

Cautionary tale or sour grapes? I wouldn't know. But, "The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange," says the Department of Homeland Security-- one up from the level for other sectors.

* Though I suppose the planes they abandon are useful to fire rescue for training.


AT&T issues FAKE STOCK said...

Let's do our due diligence when there is an item actually on the table rather than air rumors and rumors of rumors as 'news'.

If all that is needed to defame an enterprise is an anonymously held website and a $50 bill to the reporter to repeat the tripe in print, then we are unlikely to see any kind of development here as most every new enterprise has it's detractors and its envious wannabes.

Journalism? I don't think you could get by with a 'source' like this in a High School newspaper.

KAP said...

Yes, there's a huge dose of 'have you stopped beating your wife yet?' I'd hesitate to even run it, except for:

"All of any matters outstanding will be cleared in time," he said in an e-mail to Saipan Tribune.

I think they handled it well. I might have followed up and asked if he had talked to the Internet Provider or an attorney.