Monday, December 14, 2009

Dylan does Christmas

Yes, I laughed. First impressions are like that, and it just seemed so inappropriate.

A confession: I don't like Christmas albums anyway. The songs are fine, but if the album is sitting there I'm going to hear it over and over. I particularly don't like fill-in-the-blank does Christmas. The blank being Elvis, Perry Como... ah the list is endless. Billy Idol? Country Christmases, Blues Christmases, instrumental Christmases, I even heard a Polka Christmas album. That one was painful the first time; it's hard to describe the the suffering caused by repetition.

So. You would think the first video from Bob Dylan's Christmas from the Heart confirmed my worst fears.

A polka, though it is a catchy tune. I still wouldn't buy the album, but I've already explained that. The second video is Little Drummer Boy, one of my favorites when I was a sprout. (I have to link to the video, it's an Amazon exclusive). Nice animation, and the song suits his voice, though if I didn't know I'd think it was Leonard Cohen singing.

Not for me, but you might like this album. I'll even push it a bit because the profits go to feeding hungry people. It's very consistent with his recent work. Here's an interview.

I only found this because I'm still interested in Dylan, though only mildly in recent decades, and I put myself on an email list.


rawore said...

you must have listened to the chipmunks xmas so much it burned through your memory.

meee I want a hula hooop.
xmas don't be late....


KAP said...

If I played it much (or at all) I'm repressing. They always annoyed me.

So, of course, Rich had to go through a phase where he loved them.