Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now it's Hawaii

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle claims Barack Obama is even "the other" in Hawaii: "Senator Obama likes to say he's from Hawaii. But, the truth is, I've never met him in my life."

Writer Paul Theroux disagrees in The Daily Beast.

She's met Theroux, though "I don’t have a lot of free time for reading," she is said to have said. See, there were other choices besides Sarah Palin.

Further proof that Obama is an elitist: I'm not familiar with Pico Iyer.


Saipan Writer said...

I'd never heard of Pico Iyer, either! Sad that we Americans are willing to think a well-read person is an elitist.

I had heard of Paul Theroux (although I've never read any of his books, just some articles/columns occasionally printed in newspapers).

Does that make me half-an-elitist? Like you? :-)

Lil' Hammerhead said...

It seems that anyone who is educated and thoughtful is now labeled "an elitist". Sorry.. if that's what an elitist is.. that's who I want for president. I certainly don't want the bloke down the street with a high school diploma, who's never been further than two states away.

Where Hawaii is concerned.. Obama's always had an enormous double digit lead. My guess.. if it wasn't already her second term, you wouldn't hear a comment like that.

KAP said...

It's even happening within the Republican party. There's a certain segment that wants to drum out the "intellectual conservatives". Funny that so many of the people doing it went to Ivy League schools (Thanks, mom & dad!)

cactus said...

Pico Iyer is a frequent columnist in Time Magazine, which, last I heard, you really don't need to be an elitist to read.

Jeff said...

The Governor of Hawaii never heard of him, so he is not from Hawaii? Huh? Is it Hawaii or Tanapag? There are people in Hawaii who never heard of the Hawaii governor.

Anonymous said...

Read most of Paul Theroux's books and even thought the movie Mosquito Coast was so so. So why do the locals call me a DFH (Dumb Fucking Haole)?

KAP said...

Do you move your lips when you read? Put out chips and call it a party? (I thought Mosquito Coast was confused and confusing)

I don't think I've read Time all of the way through in this century. Another victim of the internet. If I've read Iyer, I didn't note the name.

Evidently at least 72% of Hawaiians have heard of Obama now.