Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paean to Polaroid

Wanna buy a Polaroid? Not a picture, the camera. I've got a 600, still in the box-- but they're not making film after this month.

It was bound to happen with digital cameras everywhere. Still, it's sad. I fondly remember (showing my age) my father tinkering with his fancy Polaroid Land Camera. The early film had to be coated with a "fixer". I can still recall the harsh, but sweetish, chemical smell of the coating. It was probably something like melamine that killed thousands of brain cells.

It's a digital world, though vinyl records are making a comeback. There really is a different feel to pictures caught on film, similar to analog music.

If you're really a fan, check out They're trying to get another manufacturer to pick up the license.

Then you can buy my camera.

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