Sunday, March 4, 2007

Peter Pan take off

That peanut butter recall is spreading. "In a new media advisory released Friday evening, DPH said it was found that Peter Pan peanut butter was used in various ice cream, sundae, and shake toppings", according to the Saipan Tribune. Here's the FDA

I hope the recall is smooth this time. DPH had to
go to the wholesaler last time, and kudos for doing that. But didn't the wholesaler read the newspaper stories? Didn't the manufacturer or their distributor notify them? I thought that was standard practice. Oh.

Actually, you'd think the stores should already know. Maybe DPH could issue the advisory in multiple languages next time...

I was concerned to read that "Peter Pan peanut butter will no longer be found on the shelves of stores on island." All of it, not just the '2111' batch? Maybe the reporter didn't make it clear.

I'd hate to think of the panic in the streets if there was a recall of Spam or Budweiser.

Sorry if this post is rushed, I have to beat the line as Shell raises prices up to 8 cents/gallon.


Saipan Writer said...

Oh phooey. I missed the gas price raise.

I love Peter Pan peanut butter. It's my fave--and it's very hard to find in Saipan. I'd be surprised if there's much of it around to worry about.

Anonymous said...

No wonder it's so popular!