Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I swore I wouldn't try a website again; just keep that in mind if I promise something.

The thing is, The Thing Is, my friend Ed asked me to join his blog. I hemmed, he hawed when I finally decided. But I'd already written a couple of things: pretentious, a little stilted, but I never throw things away. I'll do better, honest. Also, I was having too much fun playing with the posters. If I'm going to play I want to own the ball. That way I set the rules.

There are no rules. See, I lied again. Blogspot has some conditions, but that's pretty much legal stuff to cover their patootie. I don't really want T & A, just because it would chase some people away. Personal insults, racism and child abuse push my buttons, so I may react unpredictably to them. I get over it quick, unless you are really a cockroach about it. Let's just say be nice, no people abuse.

The only PC I care about is sitting in front of me, and sometimes I'd rather read a book.

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